The Amazing Digital Circus Jax

In the Amazing Digital Circus, you will meet a bunch of personages. They all are absolutely different, and it refers both to their appearance and natures. It is undeniable that Jax is one of the brightest characters you will see here. When you first encounter this creature, you will see that it is just a rabbit! However, he’s far from a typical animal that might come to mind. This anthropomorphic character has a vibrant shade of purple and wears comical gloves. He comes with an aura of mischief and loves playing pranks on literally everyone. He suspects he may be imprisoned in this peculiar realm forever, so he seems enjoying to annoy others to the fullest. Full of anger and sarcasm, he can easily drive his fellow characters to insanity.

Does Jax has anything positive?

At times, it appears he derives some bizarre satisfaction from his transformation. The question remains: Is there any positive quality hidden within him? This is what users are offered to discover as they accompany Jax through endless scenes and adventures. He seems to be tireless in his attempts to get everyone around mad. His most frequent target is Gangle, a weird personage with a tragedy mask instead of her face. You will live through lots of different episodes with Jax. Some of them are funny, others are a bit evil. But all of them are unbelievably enjoyable. Do not miss discovering more! Find out whether Jax will learn a lesson from his transformation or not.

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