The Amazing Digital Circus 2 Player

You have surely heard about a new show – The Amazing Digital Circus. If you know nothing about it, here is short introduction. The events unfold in a weird place – it is a virtual circus that is managed by artificial intelligence. One day, six random people are teleported here for a series of strange adventures. One of them is a girl named Pomni.

Who is Pomni?

This female is the final of the six characters to appear in this crazy circus. As a character, she embodies lots of aspects of this insane world. When she realizes the bizarre situation she is in, her mind practically goes haywire. She reacts with panic and fiercely rejects this transformation. In this odd world, she will appear like a toy jester. She does not stop looking for an escape route from this wildly chaotic place. But the chances of her success are close to zero. Nevertheless, she will make countless attempts to break free, and you’ll experience numerous comical moments with this character along the way.

What’s your objective?

This time, the game offers an unexpected twist. You will see two Pomnis at once! And now, you will play against your friend. Each of you will control one Pomni. And the task is to click as fast as possible to grow your character bigger. The outcome will depend on your agility. The controls are more than easy – you just need to press two buttons at lightning speed. It is just as simple as that. It is a lot of fun and competition in this entertainment. Try it now, you will not regret the time spent. Invite your friends and have lots of fun.

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