Are you a fan of online games and various 3D projects? Then here is something really mind-blowing for you – it is a new cool show that appeared in the result of collaboration between Glitch Productions and Gooseworx! Welcome to the Amazing Digital Circus, a show that will surely leave a long-lasting impression. The figures speak for themselves – 5 million people enjoyed it in less than 48 hours. And the reactions are endless and versatile. This animated show is celebrating its success! What are you going to say about it? It’s time to enjoy it too!

A little about the story

All events will unfold in a circus. It is not a traditional circus but a digital one. Six random individuals were teleported to this strange environment without their agreement. Moreover, as it happens, the characters are going through some bizarre transformation! They do not look like humans any more. Instead, they now have cartoonish-looking bodies of some strange creatures. There is no explanation given for why it all has happened to these people. But one thing is clear enough – now they are to adapt to a new reality and create a new routine. They all are the prisoners here. And their only master is Caine, a ringmaster who represents virtual reality. The heroes will closely interact. But it cannot be called friendly communication. Besides, Caine will guide them through dangerous circus tricks that will lead to terrible injuries and traumas. Will they all survive?

Main characters

You will interact with a lots of characters at once. These are Pomni, Ragatha, Jax, Gangle, Kinger, and Caine, and they are really adorable. Are you ready to explore their hidden depths? Then, you should know a bit more about each of them before them emerge on your screen.

Pomni. This female personage is the last one of the six who appears in this crazy environment. The heroine will represent all the wacky sides of our insane world. Her mind simply explodes when she understands what happens to her. And she panics and denies this transformation. You will see her in the role of a toy jester. The girl dreams to find an exit from this wild place. But will she succeed? Doubtfully. Anyway, she will take endless attempts to flee away – you will live through many hilarious scenes with this personage.

Ragatha. Once you see a rag doll on the screen – it is Ragatha! She is quite adorable, even if one of her eyes is just a dark circle. Nevertherless, this heroine is the friendliest and the most outgoing of the whole gang! This character tries to adapt to this shocking new world –  she never complains or panics. And when Ragatha gets into epicenter of a quarrel and a fight, she tries to soften the situation, and will even apologize for someone’s fault. Will other characters appreciate her emotional support? That’s what you will need to find out going through all the episodes!

Jax. When you first see this creature in front of you, it is clear enough Jax is a rabbit! But wait, he is not a traditional adorable animal you may have already pictured. Far from that! This anthropomorphic creature is all purple and wears silly gloves. The personage is more than mischievous and enjoys pranking everyone around. Realizing he may remain forever in this insane place, he is trying to annoy everyone around to the fullest! He is full of anger and sarcasm and drives other characters simply mad! And sometimes it seems, he is enjoying his transformation! Is there anything good in him at all? You will have to keep an eye on Jax to learn it.

Kinger. This personage is represented as chess piece king! It seems he is one of the first guest of this weird circus. However, once you listen to some of his speeches, you will start doubting his psychological state. Plus, he is shaking without a stop for no obvious reason. At times, he sounds more than strange. But who knows? Maybe he is just recollecting some events from hos past life? For example, he tells about being inside the monster’s belly? True or not? It is better to have your own opinion once you meet this personage face-to-face!

Gangle. When you first meet Gangle, your immediate desire is to hug this creature. The thing is that her body is a simple ribbon, but her face is a theater mask that symbolizes tragedy or comedy. Her face expression depends on the emotion she feels at the moment. However, you can hardly see her smiling. It may also seem that Gangle is always masking her true state. But at the same time, she is more than nervous about the unfolding events. This circumstance is actively used by Jax, who is attacking Gangle the most!

Zooble. It is the most whimsical personage in this gang. Why is that? You will immediately guess it once the character appears on the screen. Zooble’s body is a collection of mix-and-match parts. It is interesting when it comes to the gender of this personage. In some cases, Zooble is he or she, but in many other situations, you will hear ‘they’! A bit shocking right? But let’s say that this participant is gender-neutral. One thing is sure – Zooble is incurable perfectionist and is busy with continuous rearrangements of the body parts, which looks really funny!

What is going on here?

Now that you know everyone a bit in this digital circus, it is time to see how they all will interact. And this is the main attraction of the show. However, do not expect friendly adventures. Nothing of this kind! Instead, these toy creatures will fight, compete and annoy each other! It is obvious, none of the characters voluntarily appeared here voluntarily. This show has some hidden purpose, but the users do not know it in the beginning. Maybe these characters have run away from their real life burdens? Or maybe they were punished for their bad behavior in the past? There are lots of questions to be answered. You will have no idea whether there is an exit here, even if some of the heroes are desperately looking for it. This unconventional show is full of puzzled. Are you able to find some clues?

About the antagonists

Maybe you have already guessed that the main antagonist of the game is Caine. This weird creature has an adorable assistant – Bubble. Let’s

Caine. This is the main antagonist of this story. However, he looks expressive and hilarious. Caine has a really strange appearance. He has no head but two jaws with huge teeth instead. And inside them, you can see two rotating eyeballs. The hero represents artificial intelligence. So he is supposed to know everything. But in reality, he is often puzzled and confused. It seems Caine knows something special others are not aware of. Besides, he got especially irritated when other personages ask him about the exit. Little does he seem to know about human nature too. However, despite trials and tortures he organizes for his so-called prisoners, he cares of them in his special way. Will you find Caine a really negative personage? Or maybe he has some good sides to? Rush to learn more about this ringmaster!

Bubble. It is just a soap bubble! But it is live and has a separate role in this story. Bubble is an assistant of Caine. His main appearance feature is a wide grin with big teeth. Sometimes, Bubble simple pops and disappears. But he always respawns with no effort. Caine is not very friendly towards Bubble, but the latter does not seem to care much about it.

Summing up, The Amazing Digital Circus is full of very unusual quests. It will be a true challenge to find solutions and clues to all of them. Are you ready to dive deeper and get acquainted with the personages? You can hardly predict what will happen next. But it looks like lots of fun awaits you!

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