Forgotten Hill: Fall

What are you gonna do if you get stuck i the middle of nowhere on a chilly November night? You were driving on when your car decided to give up on you and you found yourself in a spooky, eerie forest. And there’s no mobile signal. The closest beacon of civilization is a quaint little town, with a name that screams adventure – Forgotten Hill!

Where the hell are you?

In this thrilling point-and-click horror game, you find yourself inside a house that’s more mysterious than a magician’s hat. You’re not just wandering aimlessly – you’re here to solve puzzles, discover hidden clues, and use that razor-sharp intuition of yours to escape the clutches of this enigmatic abode. With each click, you’ll uncover cryptic messages, strange symbols, and maybe even the echoes of secrets from the past.

As you solve these spine-tingling puzzles, you’ll feel the anticipation building. Your heart might race, your hair might stand on end, but it’s the good kind of scary. The kind that keeps you glued to your screen, eager to unlock the next piece of the puzzle. Can you use your wits and intuition to escape the haunting grasp of the spooky woods? The countdown to your thrilling escape begins with every click!

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