The Amazing Digital Circus Pilot

The Amazing Digital Circus is a dark psychological comedy in which the main characters are cute cartoon characters. He hates his life and want to end it. The action takes place within the framework of virtual reality and computer simulation.


After the title screen, you are introduced to Kane, who is the head of the arena. He welcomes the audience to the circus along with his friend Bubble. Other characters are introduced in a musical splash screen. A jester character suddenly appears in the Circus, after which the song is interrupted. Kane says that the jester is a human being. He claims the character showed up here wearing an “unfamiliar headset.”
The other characters state that they were also teleported and this world, but are now all trapped. Kinger, as it turns out, has been in the virtual circus the longest. According to Jax, the prolonged stay made him go insane. The protagonist is informed that she does not have the ability to leave the area. As a result of this, she goes into a panic.

Virtual Reality Tour

Jester is still scared and confused, she wishes to leave. Kane wants to help her and gives her a short tour of the circus location. He uses his teleportation to do this. During the tours, he shows the Tent where the other characters live. The protagonist also goes to the Adventure Playground, which is outside the tent, as well as the Void. Jester briefly notices an exit door. Kane says it’s a “digital hallucination” and changes the subject. Next, the character realizes that she can’t remember her name. She goes into a panic attack.
A conversation with Kane makes it clear that everyone who comes to the circus, forgets their own names. This happens for reasons beyond his control. Thus, Jester needs to choose a new name. After the heroine states that she doesn’t care what her new name is, Kane offers her “Remember”. He uses a tape measure to make the choice. Kane tells her about a new adventure that should help Remember get used to the circus. It requires defeating the gloinks. These are small creatures that flood the Tent. The creatures steal everything they come across. At the end of the stage, Kane disappears. After that, the adventure begins.


It becomes clear that Zuble is not interested in the adventure. He tries to leave, but the gloinks dismantle them and take everything around them. Ragata suggests that the other characters check out Kaufmo. This should introduce them to the new character Remember. Kinger says that Kaufmo has lost his mind. He is incoherently looking for a way out, just like the protagonist. This gives her hope that the exit she is looking for is real. She decides to ask what Kaufmo thinks about the matter. Jax thinks that he Ragatha and Remember should go and check on Kaufmo. These events unfold while Gangle and Kinger rescue Zuble.
Next, Ragatha introduces Pomni to their rooms. Although sleep is technically not necessary due to the digital nature of their existence, there are beds in the rooms. Pomni asks Ragatha about Kaena’s adventures. She wonders why they should take part in them. Instead, she wants to look for a way to leave.
Ragatha explains that finding a way out is futile at this point. Adventure is considered an exciting activity. It will help prevent an existential crisis from forming. The mention that something really terrible could happen if one goes mad scares Remember. They enter Kaufmo’s room. After an aggressive altercation between the characters, a door opens. Kaufmo appears in it.

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