The Amazing Digital Circus Ragatha

The Amazing Digital Circus is a strange place where several characters meet one day. They all have strange appearances and look like cartoon personages. But this is more complicated than this. All of them used to be people. However, once they transformed and teleported here. One of them looks like a ragdoll. It’s Ragatha, a girl who cannot understand why she ended up here. Her image is lovely enough, but one of her eyes are missing. Still, it seems she is the most optimistic in this bizarre crowd!

Will this heroine change others?

You will not confuse this character with anybody else. As soon as she pops up on the screen, you will immediately know it’s Ragatha. Despite having one of her eyes as a simple dark circle, she radiates charm and sweetness. Among the entire group, Ragatha is the most amicable and outgoing character. She makes every effort to adapt to this bewildering new world without a hint of complaint or panic. When she finds herself in the midst of a heated argument or brawl, she does her best to smooth out the tension and may even apologize for someone else’s actions. Will the other characters recognize and value her unwavering emotional support? To uncover the answer, you’ll need to follow the story throughout all the episodes! One thing is sure – you will definitely enjoy the interaction of all personages in this unconventional show. So open the door of the Amazing Digital Circus and have tons of fun!

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