The Amazing Digital Circus Pomni

Welcome to a new entertainment. You will find yourself in a digital circus. This place is run by artificial intelligence that is represented by Caine. He is a ringmaster who locks six different individuals in this strange location. These used to be ordinary people that transformed beyond limits. No one knows why they need to go through this trial, but there is no way back. The main protagonist is Pomni, a female that has turned into a jester. While others are trying to adapt to this situation, Pomni is trying to escape.

Will Pomni find an exit?

The final female character to emerge in this surreal setting. She demonstrates the quirkiest aspects of our absurd world. She is more than shocked by her turbulent transformation when she realizes what can await her in the future. Pomni refuses to accept this change. But will she manage to find an exit? Actually, it is very doubtful. You will see her discovering a strange door. It subtly reminds her something from her past life but she cannot figure out what exactly. Join Pomni to accompany the heroine during lots of hilarious situations. You can never tell what can you except from other show participants. One thing is sure – this strange party is not going to be friendly. You will go through a lot of confrontations between the characters. Do you want to know how it all will end up? You should join the Amazing Digital Circus right now! You will not regret it for sure!

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