Poppy Playtime

What can be cuter and fluffier than children’s toys? Well, you won’t think so anymore after visiting Playtime Corporation, that abandoned factory they’re all whispering about! What’s going on in these empty, dusty walls? You’re about to step inside and lay bare all the mysteries!

Not the kind of toys you’d like to play with!

So, Playtime Co, a place shrouded in mystery, where the staff seemingly vanished into thin air a whole decade ago. Your mission? To venture into this forsaken toy factory after receiving a cryptic letter from the missing employees. But as you step foot inside, you’re in for a shock. The factory is no ordinary workplace. It’s crawling with toys, and not the cuddly, cute kind. No, these toys are alive, and they’re out for blood!

Your heart will race as you frantically search for a way to escape the premises. As you explore this twisted world, you’ll come across VHS tapes, each one revealing a deeper layer of the spine-chilling story. It’s like unraveling the dark secrets of a ghostly past, one tape at a time. Can you survive the malicious toys and find out the truth? The terror begins, and you’re the one in control!

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