The Amazing Digital Circus Zooble

Zuble resembles a toy that is similar to Mix and Match. The character’s head is a bright pink pointed triangle. Their right eye has a swirling black iris and yellow sclera. It has a butterscotch-colored eyelid and also has a mint green zigzag eyelash. The left eye has a black iris with a white-cream-colored sclera. The character’s eyelid is neon purple with three thin black lashes underneath.

Character Appearance

The character has a black and white hair band, two arms of completely different colors. One arm is zigzag and the other is a straight arm. The character wears a yellow and orange polka dot dress. It is worth noting that the upper body has various sockets for attaching appendages. The head is attached to the top socket with a purple neck. Zuble’s right arm is located in the middle right hole. It is straight and orange, and a yellow glove is present at its end. The left arm is located in the uppermost left well. It is very long, with a red wavy segment and a pink joint. The rest of the left arm is yellow and ends with a red crab claw. The character has a turquoise moon with a pink flamingo wing as an arm and accessory. It is located in the very top right hole. There is nothing in the middle left opening. The lower eye sockets of Zooble’s body are both legs. The character’s right leg has a wavy green segment with a purple joint at the bottom. It ends in an orange curl. Their left leg is a perfectly straight leg. It is blue in color and ends with the same shoe.

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