The Amazing Digital Circus Caine

Have you already heard of a new project with the elements of a black comedy? It is the Amazing Digital Circus, a weird story about people transformation. If you are going to discover more about it, you should know a little of its main characters. And this time, it is a little about the main antagonist of this entertainment. It is Caine, a funny-looking creature who seems to be in charge of this extravagant place. His appearance is really eye-catching. He has two floating jaws instead of his head with big eyeballs between them. He is a true ringmaster. Moreover, his main power is AI that runs the hero. This gives him a plethora of abilities. He can control the personages in the way he wants. How will he normally do it?

Is Caine really so bad?

In fact, this personage is the main antagonist here. He really produces quite negative impression – nervous and with continuous mood changes. But it is disputable whether he truly wishes bad outcome to his guests. The thing is that he arranges the most unbelievable trials for all the characters, allowing them to get terrible injuries. At the same time, he cares about them in some strange way – the heroes will never die. So, are you ready to enjoy interaction with cute Caine? You will enjoy a lot of humorous scenes. And at times, even artificial intelligence will struggle to find the right answers. Dive into this hilarious adventure! It is a fresh experience and tons of fun!

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