The Amazing Digital Circus Gangle

Gangle is a character that consists of five candy-red ribbons. It is presented in humanoid form, although it looks rather strange. The face of the character is a white porcelain mask with black eyes and mouth. There are also four ribbons here, representing the character’s arms and legs. They are straight and smooth. The bulk of the ribbons are twisted. This allows them to form a springy shape. On average, each ribbon is twisted 6 times, which gives the spring effect. Whenever a character’s comedy mask is damaged, his face changes to a disgruntled mask. It can also take on other versions, such as a sad version of said mask. It is currently unknown exactly how many masks the character has.

Character Behavior

Gangle is believed to be going through a psychological crisis like many characters in the universe. At first, the hero seems withdrawn and unhappy. This feeling is created even though the hero tries to appear happy, innocent and sweet. On those occasions when the comedic facade is shattered, it becomes clear that on the inside Gangle is frustrated and depressed. The main character is 26 years old. Many characters notice that Gangle likes to draw. This is especially noticeable in the anime style drawings created by the character. Hobbies also include watching anime. The main character’s mask is based on the theatrical masks of Sock and Baskin, which represent comedy or tragedy.

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