The Amazing Digital Circus 2

The Amazing Digital Circus 2 is the sequel to The Amazing Digital Circus. The main character found herself in virtual reality. She accidentally got to the territory of an amazing circus, where other characters are located. As it turns out, they are also people who found themselves in the virtual circus by using some devices. The problem is that they do not remember their names and do not know exactly how to get out of this place.

Realizing herself in virtual reality

The main character also realizes that her memory is starting to fade. Instead of her real name, a new one is being picked up for her. Soon she notices that some of the characters do not give up hope of getting out of the virtual reality. To which others consider them crazy. The heroine secretly wants to get out of the circus, as the local rules and entertainment in the form of passing a variety of adventures does not suit her.

Unraveling the virtual mystery

The character realizes that she needs to solve the mystery of the place in question in order to get out. This is the only way to get out of the virtual reality. She gradually begins to look for clues. Secretly from others, Pomni talks to other characters, including crazy people, and studies the environment. Circus in the hope of finding a way out. Gradually she comes to the conclusion that the devices that have drawn people into this virtual reality are also the key to release from the trap. To break the virtual shackles, the main character has to pass various tests, as well as solve puzzles standing in the way of her release.

Journey to Liberation

During her journey, Pomni finds allies among the other captives of the circus, who have not resigned themselves to their own fate and also want liberation. They join forces, after which they begin to jointly confront those who do not want them to leave the Amazing Circus. On their way out of the illusory reality, they will have to overcome many obstacles. Some of them are created by the virtual world system, and other dangers come from their former friends.

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